Client: Tarsheed
Year: 2019

Country: Qatar
Industries: Education,

Solutions: Branding, Publication and Media Design,

Arab societies view education as a key lever for advancing to a more just, open, productive and thriving reality. But education, like other aspects of Arab life, is lost at this historical moment between being a tool of domestication and reproducing the crisis of the Arab reality and the possibility of it being a lever to transcend the current reality to reach a better life for Arab societies.

From the womb of this reality, the idea of Manhajiyat was born, as a magazine, a platform, that brings together the diversity of Arab educational initiatives and intertwines the efforts of influencers, planners and practitioners in the field of school education throughout the Arab region.

By adopting a multimedia/electronic publishing model, transcending geography and cultural contexts, and an openness to all educational practitioners, and by celebrating success stories, innovative experiences, critical thinking, dialogue and plurality of perspectives, “Manhajiyat” will be a primary destination for those seeking inspiration and professional growth in the classroom and school in general.

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