Client: Makan
Year: 2008

Country: Jordan
Industries: Culture and the Arts, Non-Profit/Social,

Solutions: Digital and Interactive,


Starting in 2003, Makan was conceived as an alternative arts space in Amman, with an open and exploratory cultural program. SYNTAX was asked to re-design its website. Makan's core mission is working with artists and cultural practitioners locally and internationally, in a wide range of multi-media practices. But Makan's essence is as a welcoming space where people not only come to for contemporary arts and cultural presentations and exhibitions, but where people meet and talk with like-minded people. SYNTAX's designers went to test the atmosphere, and spent a few days working in the space, talking to artists and working from its famous balcony. Focusing on the idea of meeting people in a relaxed welcoming place, they picked up on Makan's character from its own collection of chairs, which relayed exactly that spirit of creativity, and a relaxed place to meet people in the field.