[email protected]: brand strategists, interactive architects, designers, project coordinators

Here’s the situation:


..is an innovative, open and respectful (sometimes hectic) environment.
We speak design, innovation, research, writing, technology, photography, architecture, strategy, web, mobile, Arabic, English and a bit of German too..
We work with little startups, big corporations, government initiatives, cities, art institutions, international organizations..
We create brands, websites, mobile apps, magazines, books, environments, signs, total experiences..
We are biased towards originality, learning, home-grown solutions, the power of technology, public experiences, critical thinking, optimistic outlook

You are:

A brand strategist who loves to research, think, write, present. You understand brand values, positioning, tone of voice and differentiators.


A designer who works across print, web, screens, paper, 2D, 3D, large, small. You are a communicator, a typo-freak, an illustrator, an information designer, an experience maker.


An interface/interactive architect who sketches, structures, prototypes, htmls, explains, and tests large scale web and mobile applications. You are not afraid of technical requirement documents. You are a users best friend (and sometimes a programmer’s worst nightmare).


A project coordinator who is nice enough to be liked by the team and clients but strict enough to be feared by them (sometimes). Organized. Get it done kind of personality.

You could have 10 years of experience or none..

You could be short or tall..

Your favorite food could be pasta or falafel..

And here’s the deal:

You work with the team.. we give you the money!
(ok there’s more to it, like health insurance, social security, mental stimulation, and a nice bunch of people to work with)

And here’s the email address:


2 thoughts on “[email protected]: brand strategists, interactive architects, designers, project coordinators

  1. Edward Jaser

    Hello [email protected] User interface specialist and maybe Brand Strategist sounds quite interesting to me but certainly not as full time job. Being an academician I have always believed that having connection with innovative private sector entities would benefit both sides. The work relationship is quite challenging to formulate but I believe once realized it will almost certainly contribute to sustaining your innovatability and thus certainly worth a try. Just a thought.


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