Monthly: August 2009

SYNTAX is looking for a business developer in the UAE, with a true passion for design

We have just posted an announcement on Facebook and elsewhere that we are looking for a business development person, to help us identify and solidify opportunities to do branding, design and web innovation work, especially in the Gulf region. After a decade of having SYNTAX’s business development on autopilot (i.e. word of mouth and referrals), […]

SYNTAX helps Aramex reinvent its customer magazine: ‘The Explorer’ brings logistics to life

SYNTAX has finalized the new issue of Aramex‘s customer magazine ”The Explorer“ which aims to inspire corporate leaders around the globe with outlooks on logistics and life. The ”New Frontiers“-themed issue demonstrates Aramex‘s thought leadership by attracting customers and employees for a conversational experience of Aramex‘s brand. With “The Explorer“, SYNTAX delivered an integrated branding […]

SYNTAX, now on Facebook

We might be a bit late to the party, but SYNTAX is now on Facebook. One of the cool things we’ve added there is a “SYNTAX is everywhere” album of photos of our work as implemented in real life. In the street, on vehicles, at events, on printed stuff. We also uploaded part of our […]