Mazaj FM

Vibrant vibes

Uraiqat Architects

Internalizing the tensions of a challenging context to create a dynamic brand language

Martyr's Memorial Museum

Teacher Skills Forum 2018

Growth Beyond Grades

Yousef Afandi

Re-imagining the local men’s barbershop experience.

Four Winters

Designing a magical gourmet ice cream experience for every season.

Al Farida

Authentic culinary tradition meets innovative manufacturing


Down to earth delicious

Qatar Social Work Foundation

Collateral Repair Project

Refugee stories

Haya Cultural Center

A nurturing space for creativity, curiosity, and culture.


Realizing your authentic purpose

Teacher Skills Forum 2015

From What to How


Elevating a popular home appliance brand with a fresh visual language and packaging design system.


A living tradition of Palestinian and Arab costumes.

White Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is White. It does't get clearer than that on the shelf.


Fruity mobile entertainment.

Branding Wamda

Unleashing an Entrepreneurial Movement.

Be a Nature Guide

How social media helped find Jordan's nature guide superstars.


Branding the currency of surprising rewards, for loyal customers and happy merchants.


Branding the experience of the Jordanian capital for its citizens.

The Gulf

Visualizing the multi dimensional culture of a rapidly evolving region.

Jordan: Redesigning the Government

A better government brand means better government building.

The Lab at Darat Al Funun

A new space for experiencing art experiments.

Senatore Coffee

Roasting the perfect blend.

The Cakery

The sweetest brand.

g+ ginseng

Delivering a daring, pioneering beverage.


Citizen photojournalism.

Landmark Hotel

Reviving a modern icon of Amman.


An experimental proposal to rethink the premier Arab web conference.